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A talent shortage in security will be upwards of 2 million unfilled positions by 2022*. The average global cost of a data breach is $3.86 million**, and more executives and boards of directors are being held responsible for a breach. As a Security Community we need to open communication and information to ensure our organizations and people are educated and informed.

Dr. Tre™ has helped organizations increase Security Awareness and implement Security Programs in Aviation, Finance, Healthcare, and Entertainment and educates up-and-coming security practitioners for technology certification. She has partnered with some of the world’s leading security thought leaders, organizations, and specialists to help make the digital world more secure and wants to help your organization do the same!   

*Gartner Report
**IBM Report 

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About Dr. Tre™

Dr. Tre™ is a sought-after IT & Business Consultant currently with Go Consulting International. She began her career in electronic intelligence for the U.S. Air Force, now a veteran, her clients consider her their “Secret Weapon” as she helps organizations define & implement their security strategy and develop a solid organizational culture of security. Committed to making the digital world more secure and influencing the next wave of IT and Security professionals, she also facilitates live lab and training sessions for CompTIA® certifications. Tracy is an innovative leader and energetic speaker with 20 years of experience in IT Security, Program Management, Organizational Development, and Change Management, with her research in cloud computing, HR, and Information Security. She is author of two publications regarding cyber security and cloud computing in human resources, and co-author with Ira Winkler on an InfoSec book, to be released late 2019. Dr. Celaya is an internationally recognized top-rated speaker featured at RSA-US, RSA Asia-Pacific, ISC(2), ISSA-LA, ISSANOVA, ISACA CSX Europe & U.S., ISACA CACS, OWASP, DevOps.com, and SecureCISO.



Smart, intelligent, articulate speaker. Dr. Tre can concisely and effectively describe business problems and solutions with clear examples.

Ira Winkler

President, Secure Mentem

Outstanding speaker with exceptional skills with developing our team and handling several key complex security initiatives. 

Aaron Renshaw

Aviation Security Manager, American Airlines

One of the best sessions. Compelling, engaging, real world, and practical. Great speaker!

Conference Attendee

ISACA CSX, North America

Security Awareness. Strategy. Program Implementation. Speaker. Facilitator.

Dr. Celaya specializes in demystifying security through consulting, speaking, and program implementation. Her mission is to make our digital world more secure through awareness. As a thought-leader, researcher, and educator she leverages her ability to identify problems and create innovative solutions. Her clients often refer to her as their “Secret Weapon” whether she is implementing security initiatives, facilitating certification courses, or delivering enthralling presentations. 

She addresses groups ranging from corporate executives to educators, students, and security professionals, and is top-rated international speaker at security conferences. Dr. Tre™ has a unique knack for blending technology, research, and entertainment leaving clients, peers, and conference attendees thought-provoked, engaged, and excited to return for more. 


Cloud-Based Computing and Human Resource Management Performance: A Delphi Study

Cybersecurity & HR Article

Refractive Thinker Journal Article: Cybersecurity and Human Resources

Book (Winter 2019)

Book with Ira Winkler expected release in late 2019. More to come!

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